The Best Steel Toe Safety Shoes For Staying Safe No Matter The Situation

The sensation when your toes hit the corner leg of the chair is brutal. Even the slightest touch sends shivers down the spine.

Workers in construction, manufacturing, automobile, petroleum industries, etc., have their feet exposed to unprecedented and recurrent dangers that are far more painful. Shoes with steel toe soles are made to protect workers’ feet. These shoes also keep their foot stable and prevent problems with the bones and joints.

Workers need to maintain proper protection because they have to deal with a lot of weight and loads. Their feet are safe and protected while working with the rigid safety shoes that are the best in India.

The safety shoe manufacturer ACME offers one of the best safety shoes in India. There are numerous shoe options available; However, the Agile is the most popular item for toe protection and unwanted sharp objects.

Let's learn more about the futuristic safety shoes, the Agile footwear series.

About Agile

Safety of the feet is the primary concern of the workers of industries like cement, construction, chemicals, manufacturing, steel, aluminium, petroleum etc. These industries impose a direct danger to the workers' toes. Regular shoes protect the feet, but workers in heavy industries need branded safety shoes that can bear the significant impact of the damage on the toes. Toe protection is the primary concern of every worker.

ACME's Agile shoe range is designed to provide maximum protection to the toes while ensuring durability and comfort for the wearer. The double-density sole of the Agile shoe provides security to the feet, making it a great choice for industries that require extra protection, such as construction, infrastructure, aluminium, steel, mining, engineering, and more.

Anatomy of Agile

Being a safety shoe manufacturer, ACME came up with the Aviator range of shoes. Agile is a part of the Aviator range that focuses on protection and durability. Let's delve into the anatomy of Agile and understand its design.

  • Shock absorption is the highlight factor of Agile shoes. The thick cushioned layer provides double protection to the feet.

  • The heels have a definitive shape to make climbing the ladders easy. It gives stability and steadiness.

  • The lower side of the shoes has cleats that provide grip in dangerous terrain.

  • These shoes also function in places with dirt and grime.

Safety Features of Agile

  • The toe cap is like a non-magnetic composite that provides thermal insulation. It has an impact-resistant feature that offers protection up to 200 Joules.

  • The safety shoes are CE approved as per EN 20345 and ISI-approved as per IS 15298.

  • The waterproof safety shoes have a fabric inside that breathes well. As a result, it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

  • Agile is slip-resistant on any floor, whether an oily floor or a surface made of clay tiles.

Clients Who Have Used Acme Agile

  • Adani

  • Asian Paints

  • Castrol

  • Caterpillar

  • Cipla

  • Coca-Cola


The sole function of safety shoes is to protect workers' feet, especially their toes, from electrocution, static shock, slips, trips, falls, loss of balance, allergies, and others. Safety shoes should be light, slip-resistant, comfortable, and long-lasting. The best safety shoes in India have all of these characteristics summed up.

Abrasion and mechanical damage are resistant to these shoes. The safety shoes are made of high-quality suede, as evidenced by their long lifespan. If you want some of the best safety shoes in India, stop by ACME