Monsoon Guide: Tips for choosing the perfect footwear for safety and style this monsoon season

Choosing the proper safety shoes for the humid and rainy season for industrial workers is essential. Explore the tips to find the best safety shoes in India.

The workforce across various manufacturing sectors trudge round the clock to meet deadlines and project expectations. They encounter varying risky work environments, from wet or greasy floors to rough gravel-stained paths. In such a case, safety shoes come into play. These shoes are essential as they reduce the risks related to workplace injury. Thus, it is the responsibility of contractors to provide each of their workers with high-quality safety shoes.

Acme offers a wide range of heat-resistant, heavy duty and waterproof safety shoes in India. But choosing the right shoes depends on the season and site conditions. Thus, the article shares key tips for finding low-maintenance, highly durable, and appealing monsoon safety footwear for workers.

Tips for choosing the best monsoon safety shoes

  1.  Determine the type of protection needed

    • For mechanical workshops - The soles of the safety shoes must classify as anti-perforation to be suitable for mechanical industrial works.
    • For construction workshops - Safety shoes should feature anti-slip capabilities on slippery and smooth floors, especially during monsoons. The soles of the shoes should be hydrocarbon resistant.
    • Welding and electric workshops - Safety shoes must be anti-static or shockproof due to the risk of electrostatic discharges in these workshops.

      The above shoe types should all be able to resist premature wear.
  2. Consider safety features of the shoes

    Aside from determining the necessary protection level for employees; safety features are another critical consideration. Check out the below-mentioned safety features to learn what to look for in shoes for workers' maximum safety:

    • A – electrical resistance (anti-static)
    • P – puncture resistance
    • E – energy-absorbing heel
    • C – electrical resistance (non-conductive)
    • WRU – water repellent uppers
    • HI – heat insulation (with a degree up to which the feet stay cool in the shoe)
    • HRO – heat-resistant outsole (300 °C)
    • CI – cold insulation (with a degree up to which the feet stay warm in the shoe)
  3.  Look for the Rubber-Soled footwear 

    Many of the best safety shoe brands in India sell high-quality rubber-soled shoes. It is a perfect choice for people who want to avoid dripping and damp shoes in the rainy season. The best thing about this footwear is that they provide an excellent grip while walking down the uneven terrains in the rain. Their deep grooves give a perfect grip to stay firm in dirt, mud, and slush. These branded safety shoes also provide immense comfort to the wearer by not sponging up the water.

  4.  Choose the right shoe material

    It is important to determine whether the workers concerned can wear high shoes or low shoes. It will help to select the suitable material for the footwear option, such as leather, fabric, or polymeric materials, to ensure their waterproofness. You can find the premium quality waterproof rubber boots sold by Acme, one of the best safety shoe brands in India. They are lightweight, easy to wear and keep the feet clean and dirt free. Washing them is easy, and it doesn't affect their durability.

    Another vital element to consider is the material type used for the toe cap to ensure maximum comfort.

  5. Get shoes with waterproof sliders

    During heavy rains, when workers have to walk on various kinds of terrain, footwear with a flexible sole is a need. On wet surfaces, there's always a risk of twisting the ankle. However, waterproof sliders come among the best safety shoes in India that provide good ankle support. They don't make any squeaky or flapping sounds while walking around. Gumboots are a good choice in this category. They keep the feet warm and efficiently prevent accidental falls, trips and slips.

What to avoid? 

Ensure not to buy safety shoes that can be slippery—for example, shoes with heels. These kinds of shoes can be extremely dangerous to wear during monsoon. In addition, canvas and sports shoes are not suitable for workers at risk of workplace injuries. Additionally, the size of the safety shoe should fit workers perfectly to avoid any discomfort.

The bottom line

Providing suitable safety footwear for employees in construction, manufacturing, electrical and mechanical, etc., workshops is vital. It becomes more crucial for monsoon season as inappropriate footwear can lead to serious workplace injuries. Shoes with a good grip and simple to dry texture are the best options. Consider the tips mentioned above when selecting the monsoon footwear for workers. Leading brands like Acme have been manufacturing top-quality shoes for every season. Do visit the site to explore your options.