How To Pick The Right Shoe For You And Verify The ACME Authenticity

The frequent reports of accidents and fatalities at industrial areas and construction sites are a significant concern. The fact that workers' safety is constantly in jeopardy at such locations is a covert reality. It falls on organisations to take care of their workers and their safety. And safety shoes come in hady here.

As the name suggests, safety boots are specialised protective footwear that safeguards employees from potential workplace accidents and injuries. These shoes cost a lot because they are considered PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). And just like with any other expensive purchase, there are a few things to consider before selecting the right construction safety shoes.

How To Choose The Right Construction Safety Shoes?

There are several parameters to selecting the correct safety footwear. However, five factors that you should stick by are:

  1.  Safety Factor

    Safety footwear should abide by its primary feature of protection of the feet. However, the shoes must protect the feet from multiple hazards rather than one or two. The safety umbrella includes slips, electrocution, falls, shocks, etc.

    Always choose footwear from a safety shoes manufacturer that covers all risk factors related to the industry. ACME ensures that safety footwear has the best material and quality that supports the workers in the long run. It is multi-functional as per the industry and is sturdy.

  2.  Fitting of the Shoes

    An ill-fitting pair of safety shoes is a significant reason for industrial mishaps. Workers' safety footwear must be true to their feet size. Larger shoe sizes can cause trips, slips, and falls, whereas tight shoes can cause blisters and callouses.

    Footwear of the same size as the feet provide lasting protection and keep the feet secure, especially cement work shoes or mining safety shoes. Being a top safety shoes brand in India, ACME designs shoes to meet individual customer demands.

  3.  Sole Designs

    Next factor to take into account while selecting the right construction safety shoes are the soles. While selecting safety footwear, no one pays attention to insoles and outsoles. However, both these features of any mining safety shoes should be flawless. They must protect from heat, chemicals, oil, gas, chips, marking, and slipping. An outsole ought to be a lifesaver in situations like unsafe temperatures.

    The best safety shoes in India offer comfortable stride with ultra cushioning insoles. It makes the working hours easier. The outer soles have spring technology that distributes the energy and leaves the feet tireless.

  4.  Workplace Conditions

    Workplace conditions and the quality of construction safety shoes should be in alignment. Cement work shoes and mining safety shoes belong to two different industries. Hence, the features both shoes have also vary.

    For example, the shoes that workers wear at a residential construction site are light-duty compared to commercial sites. Keeping the location requirements in mind, ACME, the safety shoes manufacturer, offers a range of safety footwear that suits every workplace.

  5.  Price of the Product

    Last, select safety shoes from the top safety shoe brands in India to align the price with the material used, quality, and durability. Buying protective footwear based on price is undoubtedly a mistake. Most of the time, low-quality safety boots come from mass-market shoe manufacturers. These businesses don't have certifications, and their products aren't up to par.

    Always stick to the best safety shoes in India by ACME. The shoes are priced reasonably and adhere to the safety certifications.


Safety shoes are a necessity for workers in the manufacturing and construction sectors. These are personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep workers safe from chemicals, slippery surfaces, sharp edges that can cut them, splinters, electricity, and other hazards. There are many different kinds of safety shoes on the market. However, choosing the one that complies with the safety and protection protocols is crucial.

With over 25 years of experience, ACME is an expert in offering a range of safety shoes that protect workers' feet from damage and accidents.Visit the store to choose from a range of safety footwear that caters to every industry's needs.