5 common mistakes to avoid while choosing safety footwear

Safety footwear is a need today for all industry workers. A simple mistake in selecting footwear can affect the safety level at the workplace. Learn about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Contractors in various sectors realise the importance of prioritising employees' workplace safety. There has been a rise in the sales of safety footwear globally. In fact, the market share of industrial safety footwear is estimated to reach 4.95 billion USD by 2027. Safety shoes play an essential role in keeping workers safe from several potential hazards at the workplace. Thus, it's crucial to be careful while buying shoes for employees and not compromise their safety.

Moreover, many branded safety shoes have now become accessible in the market. You can choose the best fit from a wide range of options. However, some common mistakes are usually observed during safety shoe purchases. It can result in unexpected workplace injuries. Let us check each of them out.

  1. Selecting wrong shoe sizes

    Contractors usually don't consider the sizing guidelines while purchasing safety shoes. But, it is an essential consideration as it directly affects workers’ comfort. Safety shoes that are too tight or loose will hinder employees from working with ease. Thus, it will significantly reduce workplace productivity. In short, safety shoes must fit snugly—not too loose or not too tight.

    Additionally, wrong sizes might cause friction which results in sores, blisters, and other issues. Therefore, it must be ensured that purchased worker safety shoes are not too large but slightly roomy enough for comfort. They should allow the foot to move freely inside.

  2. Considering price over quality

    For employers, the price has always been an influencing factor when purchasing safety shoes for workers. But, for required safety, cost should not drive the product purchase. A good quality safety shoe with a robust warranty must be the ideal choice for workers employed across all workshops. Though the initial investment would seem to be high, it's better than wasting money on replacements later. In general, higher price products assure better protection and durability. They can guard your employees against unexpected accidents for a longer time.

    Acme offers a range of safety shoes with high quality and fantastic warranty life. The products may last a year or longer, depending on your chosen product. It is advised to always read through the guidelines and policies before investing your money. Premium quality and considerable warranty can save a long list of unexpected costs.

  3. Buying from a generic company 

    Many footwear companies sell safety shoes, but not all have the expertise to meet the manufacturing parameters and standards. Thus, the purchased safety shoes from such brands might not be able to provide needed protection to workers. Therefore, it can cause a significant risk to the safety of workers at the site. It's best to buy from a certified company that specialises in making the product.

  4. Not checking safety shoe license

    Similar to other products, safety shoes also have industry standard norms manufacturers need to follow. However, these norms vary between different regions. In India, a safety shoe manufacturer must obtain the Bureau of Indian Standards license to ensure their products are legit and safe for workers. The shoe must showcase the ISI mark. Not considering the license might result in a purchase of fake products or products with inappropriate safety.

  5. Not considering workplace conditions

    Employees working in different industrial workshops encounter unique workplace hazards. Thus, the type of protection they need also differs. The most common mistake contractors make is not ensuring whether purchased shoes meet the required protection level.

    Manufacturers of reliable safety shoes specify what environmental hazards their products prevent—for example, accidental electrical contact, heavy objects falling on the feet, etc. Employers can also check the performance features brands provide, such as water resistance, heat resistance, insulated linings, etc. Thus, assessing a workshop condition is crucial before making the right safety shoe purchase.


The best kinds of safety shoes are meant to deliver robust comfort and safety to the wearer. This way, employees can do their jobs without feeling fatigued or stressed about getting injured. There are so many things to consider before making the purchase, and that's where people make the most common mistakes. You can avoid doing the same by considering the above information. Thus, you can effortlessly buy the right branded safety shoes.

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